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Make your occasion tasteful

Other than the catering services in Kolkata ,we also provide our clients with other party and event management services that are very important. All our event management services in Kolkata are affordable and they are done by professionals with years of experience in the respective domain. At Fancy Fork we offer event management services that helps our customers to have well organized party. Since our establishment we have tried our best to satisfy our customers with the various services we provide. 

We Offer Services For The Below Mentioned Occasions: 

Wedding  catering
Birthday catering
Office catering
Theme Party
Cocktail party
Sacret Thread Ceremony (Poita)
Rice ceremony (Annaprasan)
kitty party
Anniversary party
Small house party
Puja occasions catering
Functions in club.


Other than catering services we offer other party services that are very important. All our services are affordable and are done by...

Other Services

Pandal decoration, Banquet Hall decoration, Lighting decoration, Flower decoration, Wedding Car decoration, Tatwa Decoration, Bridal and Groom Makeup, Photography / Videography, Rental car service for any occasion, Event management.

Wedding catering

Wedding catering done here


Banquet Hall decoration

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